DJ and his DJ amp

DJ is a work comes from disc jockey. A DJ is a person who mixes music for the audience. Today, the term includes all forms of music playback, no matter the medium. It’s a popular work, that you can always see the DJ in a bar.

You have decided to make money working as a DJ. If you are working in the club or a bar that most of the equipment will be supplied but you decide to work on your own way, you will be required your equipment. It means that you must have the right DJ amplifier to go with your speakers. DJ's often spend a lot of money of the right combination of DJ amplifiers and speakers, but that makes sense since it is their work and competitive strength.


When buying an amp the first thing is listen to it, and remember what everyone else is using. This will give you and suggestion about some of the more popular brands. Make sure you use the amp and speaker combination with the kind of music you expect to be playing, when you try it. Many brands perform specific categories of music better than others based on their frequency characteristics and sound qualities. Know your budget and what makes and models fall in the range you can easy to pay. Discuss the pros and cons of the amplifiers with the professionals. See and read the reviews on the products when you got them in the first time.

Then you need to identify the DJ amplifier to ensure that if it is not too large for your speakers to handle. If you amplifier is putting out too much power for your speakers to handle, you run the risk of blowing your speakers. The other side of that is the fact that you need to do is to make sure that you are putting out enough power to efficiently drive the speakers.


You will always want to buy a DJ amplifier that can put out more power than your speakers handle because this will allow you to set your amplifier at a setting that is not wide open. If your speakers will handle 300 watts RMS and your amplifier will put out 500 watts you will be able to run your amp at a little over half power. This will extend the life of your amp and ensure that you do not blow your amp during an event or party.